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Early Victorian Rose Cut Diamond Silver Pendant with 14K Bail


Stylistically Georgian, but made in the early Victorian era, this stunning silver pendant features Rose Cut diamonds collet set, with a larger central diamond surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds. The gorgeous central diamond is oblong in shape, slightly asymmetrical with large, luminous facets—expressing the unique beauty only found in antique diamonds of this age. The surrounding silver radiates with lines reminiscent of sunbeams, hand carved into the Dutch silver to extend the collet setting. The tension of these lines holds the stone in place. Ten smaller Rose Cuts, well-matched, yet each unique in cut and shape, encircle the larger diamond like flower petals. The diamonds are foil-backed to add additional sparkle. 

Originally a Victorian slide, we added a 14k rose gold bail to make the piece function as a pendant. When looking at the back of the pendant, it is possible to witness its construction. The central diamond is riveted through the back of the piece—secure, but with a tiny bit of movement, a style indicative of handmade Georgian jewelry. 

Circa 1850-1860, the pendant contains the hallmark of a cursive upper case I the tax mark for older, unmarked Dutch-made silver items re-entering circulation between 1853-1927, indicating that this piece was put back into circulation at some point, and was marked at that time. The silver is 833, the standard for Dutch-made silver. 

The center Rose Cut diamond measures 6.8 x 4.5 mm; the smaller diamonds are approximately 3.25 mm. We estimate the carat weight as 3.25 carats. The pedant is 5/8” x 3/4”, not including the teardrop shaped bail which measures 7.9 x 5.5. It weights 5.6 grams. 

Do not submerge this piece in water, as it will discolor the foil-backing behind the diamonds! 

The pendant is pictured here on a Vintage Handmade 22K Gold Belcher Link Chain.

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