Kirsten's Corner

Vintage Handmade 22K Gold Belcher Link Chain


Each link in this 22k gold chain was handmade, giving it a reflective quality that catches the light and subtly draws in the eye. Though the links are uniformly the same size, no two links are exactly the same, and the craftsmanship involved in creating the chain can be seen in the tiniest variations. The metal was laid out and pounded, then bent by hand and soldered together with a high level of skill. The 22k gold has a warm, lovely hue to it. 

16” long, this chain is the perfect length for a shorter necklace. The belcher links are each approximately 2.3mm wide. It weighs 8 grams. The lobster clasp is marked with 916 for 22k gold. 

This is the ideal chain for pendants and charms! 

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