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Early Victorian 14K Gold Snake Pendant With Old Mine Cut Diamond


In this early Victorian era pendant, a winding slithering serpent is topped with an Old Mine Cut diamond on its head. The sinuous form of the snake is pointed downwards, with a beautiful pattern of scales along its back. Bead set in a tear drop shape on the snake’s forehead is an Old Mine Cut diamond with a high table that adds sparkle and draws in the eye. 

Snake jewelry became popular in the Victorian era when Prince Albert gave Queen Victoria a ruby and emerald encrusted snake engagement ring. Snake imagery harkens back to the Garden of Eden and original sin, and the snake is emblematic of temptation. 

An early Victorian piece circa the 1860’s, the pendant was not this snakes first iteration. A 14k gold oval bail has been added to the tip of the snake’s tail, so that the snake can hang from a chain. It is pictured here on a Fettered Bar Link Watch Chain Necklace, available through our shop. 

The pendant weighs 3.85 grams. It is 1” x 1/2” with a 5 x 7 mm bail. The Old Mine Cut diamond is .06 of a carat, and is 2.5 mm across. 

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