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14K Gold Victorian Fettered and Bar Link Watch Chain Necklace


This 14k gold Victorian watch chain alternates between fettered links and single bar links. The fettered links, which are placed in rows of three, are caste to look like little knots. The bar links are bisected, with two elongated, identical links creating dimensionality. The chain has great proportions—each section of fettered or bar links is approximately an inch—and culminates in a dog clip and spring ring. Charms can be clipped into the spring ring for added beauty, or it can be worn towards the back for a subtler look. A unique chain that makes a graceful necklace. 

The watch chain is circa the Victorian era, but the spring ring is a contemporary addition. The chain is 23” long and weighs 38.2 grams. The chain is unmarked but acid tests as 14k, and the spring ring is marked as 14k gold. 

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