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14K Gold Signature Malachite Concentric Circles Pendant


Part of our signature collection, we bezel set a malachite in 14k gold to create an oval-shaped pendant. When working with malachite—a green gemstone known for its beautiful layers—we search for pieces with something special about their patterning or symbolism. This one has concentric circles that draw you in as you look at the stone.

Malachite is healing stone connected to the heart chakra. It opens the heart to transformation and unconditional love, and can be used for strength and courage during times of change. It is also said to absorb negative energy and offer protection from energies and pollutants in the environment.

The pendent measures 1” x 3/4”, with an additional 5 x 8 mm bail. It weighs 6.3 grams. Unmarked, but acid tests as 14k gold.

Pictured here on our Vintage 14K Gold Wire Choker.

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