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Vintage 14K Gold Wire Choker


The gold wire choker is a jewelry staple made popular in the 1960’s and 70’s. It still has a place in contemporary fashion because of its simplicity and flexibility. The gold wire can be worn alone or you can slide your favorite charms on and off of it. This vintage piece is 14k gold and connects with two interlocking hooks. It is a great choker length that lands right above the clavicle, allowing pendants to hang gracefully in the hollow of the neck—a placement that puts them front and center.

The gage of the wire is 1.5 mm thick. The necklace is 15 3/4” around. It weighs 10 grams. It is hard for wire chokers to maintain a perfect circle shape, but this one is very circular with no major kinks. It is unmarked and acid tests as 14k gold.

Circa 1970.

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