Our Signature Shepherd's Hooks


Kirsten’s Corner has been creating a versatile one-of-a-kind shepherd’s hook inspired by antique designs. We began to make these hooks because they had a beautiful and sensuous form complemented with a fantastically versatile use in jewelry ornamentation. These hooks were scarce in contemporary jewelry design and we thought they had a truly inspiring origin and history- so we decided to design our own signature shepherd’s hooks, pulling from Victorian designs.


The shepherd’s hook as a symbolic form has been associated by the deity of Osiris, and came to indicate power and success. It is no surprise then that many men took onto the shepherd’s hook accessory, which would be often seen attached onto a watch-chain, or around a button, fasting links or extending decorative elements that accentuated prestige and social status.


A shepherd’s hook has also been a long time symbol of safety and guardianship. A shepherd was, after all, the man who guarded sheep along a journey. The form of a shepherd hook with its inward turning u-shape allows for fastening, securing and latching in a convenient and easy way.


Hooks usually range from 1-2 inches in size. They make great fasteners, for closing chains, hanging charms, or looping jewelry. Some have spinning swivels. We make ours in 14K recylced gold. They are small but highly ornate. You can easily hang a collection of charms from them. At Kirsten’s corner we’ve taken special care in choosing antique designs with intricate detail and have paired that with high quality craftsmanship. We are especially enamored by antique Georgian and Victorian jewelry, a time when unique symbolic language and the hand-made was particularly valued. All of the hooks we make have a bold design and are unisex. If you have questions about the multiple uses of shepherd's hooks or need ideas stay tuned to our blog!

Kirsten's Corner Hooks

Kirsten's Corner Hooks