Hooked on Charms

A perfect slender 14K yellow gold shepherd's hook; a signature piece from Kirsten's Corner made to carry a favorite charm or collection. 

The two birds hanging from this hook are vibrantly hand-painted with enamel, and detailed with diamonds and pearls. In the Victorian language of symbolism, every choice was carefully decided and every material was imbued with meaning. Milky white pearls often represented mourning tears, and immense sentiment, which became fashionable to wear after Prince Albert died in 1861. Queen Victoria's favorite gemstone, the luminous diamonds were an expression of her reign from 1819 until 1901. 

Birds were a popular motif of the Victorian era, and they often symbolized friendship and love. The pheasant specifically has been a symbol of luck for many centuries, as it is the powerful bird known to be immortal, always emerging from the fire, resurrecting itself in many colors. 

Both of these pheasants are male birds, colorful by design in order to attract females. These charms would have certainly been a pair adored by a queen, symbols of power and love. Easy to slip into the hook and off, shepherd's hooks are our favorite for charms!

Kirsten's Corner Charms