Customize Kirsten's Corners Signature Chains

Sometimes what strikes me most about a piece of antique jewelry is the way it might lend itself to a more modern feel. A few months back, I came across a necklace from the 1890’s with oversized paperclip links and a large tortoise shell medallion. The piece was gorgeous in its original form, but its clean lines were also perfect for contemporary jewelry. Working with one of my favorite fabricators in downtown Los Angeles, we used the paperclip link to make a mold, and cast new links out of 14k gold. The links were then assembled by hand, and our signature paperclip bracelet came into being. 

The tortoise shell necklace, and the beautiful 14k gold bracelet, were the impetus for a new line of Kirsten’s Corner Signature chains. From there, we added a Deco-inspired dog and bone chain, and two variations of a smaller Victorian-inspired paperclip link chain necklace. Each was cast from the links of the original antique chains, preserving the integrity of the old design while giving life to new pieces that echoed its beauty. 

These signature chains are available as is, or can be customized in length as well as type of gold. The chains can be made just for you, with the option to choose 14k or 18k gold in white, yellow, or rose gold. We offer a few standard lengths as starting points, with the ability to lengthen or shorten each chain to make it the perfect length for you. 

We currently have four different links available in our signature line, and as we find antique links that inspire us, we plan to add even more varieties to the collection. 

The dog bone link alternates with a simple oval link for a mesmerizing motif with lots of organic shape. The dog bone link was taken from a 1920’s Tiffany & Co. chain. Our added touch is the adorable heart-shaped clasp that holds it all together.

Almost identical to the original sterling silver chain that inspired this necklace, the fancy link chain consists of a scalloped paperclip link alternated with an infinity knot link. The chain ends with a jump ring perfect for clipping in charms. 

We also created a paperclip chain using only the engraved link. The wavelike texture engraved into the link adds a special twist to a popular staple in contemporary fashion. We love the way the scalloped link catches the light. The pattern makes a subtle homage to Victorian-era jewelry. 

 The oversized paperclip link looks great as both a bracelet or necklace. Taken from the antique chain with the tortoise shell medallion, this was the first link in our collection. The sleek and clean lines make for a timeless piece of jewelry. 

There are endless possibilities for creating your own custom made chain. We love being able to trace the roots of contemporary fashion back through a variety of time periods, and we are always thrilled to see how seamlessly antique designs translate into the modern era.