Kirsten's Corner

14K Gold Signature Handmade Dog Bone Link Chain Necklace with Heart Clasp


Part of Kirsten’s Corner Signature Line, this 14k gold necklace is a repeating motif of a dog bone link alternating with an oval link. The pattern creates a mesmerizing chain, filled with organic shape. The way the links open up at each end draws in the eye, and the bone shaped links feel skeletal. The chain was lovingly handmade—each link was individually caste and the chain was constructed by hand. It is a beautiful, labor-intensive work of art. 

A special feature of this chain is its adorable heart shaped clasp. This subtle but charming detail can be worn in the back or front of the necklace, and a charm could even be clipped into the clasp. 14k is marked on the tab of the clasp. 

The chain measures 17 7/8” and each link is 15 mm x 2.11-3.8mm. It weighs 15.59 grams. 

This gorgeous piece is made from hearts and bones and is the perfect addition to your jewelry collection, adding interesting visual shaped links to your chain selection.

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