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Willian Kerr Sterling Silver Art Nouveau Purse

This is a wonderful sterling silver purse or card holder made by master silversmith William Kerr during the Art Nouveau era. Kerr is known for his ornate designs, swirling lines and whimsical flowers. Initials decorate the center of the purse and this is surrounded but scrolling ornamentation. "MB" are written in cursive lettering on both sides. Four flowers accentuate each of the corners on the purse. Kerr was known for bringing together naturalism and fantasy and during the Art Nouveau era very whimsical designs such as this one were very popular. Kerr was a premier Silversmith from New Jersey 1880 -1927. This piece dates to the 1910's and it has been hand-hammered through the technique of repoussé. On the interior of the purse you can see the sterling silver mark, pattern 2835 and the hatchet stamp that is the maker's mark. This silver item was originally made as a purse to complement an evening dress, which is a really beautiful idea, but this case also fits regular business cards perfectly. This piece makes a great accessory item to carry around cards. It opens and closes with a push of a latch and this is in great working condition. Inside there are some etched numerals, as this piece most likely had an interior lining at some point. The purse measures 3-1/2 x 2-1/2 inches; the sterling silver chain from which the case hangs is 14 inches long. The piece weighs 98 grams or approximately 3 troy ounces. It has a nice silver polish, and it is in great condition with minimal scratches to the silver.

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