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William B. Kerr Sterling Silver Lion and Knight Match Safe


This is a William B. Kerr Match Safe, with a beautiful acid-etched engraving of a lion rampant beside the helmet of a knight in shining armor. The helmet contains feathers and plumes that morph into a shield. The image is suggestive of battle, and there is an implied event or conflict in the posture of the lion. This match safe is unique because of its acid-etching because repoussé was a much more common method of making match safes at the time. It allows for graceful details and lovely texture. The shield in the engraving is blank, so the match safe could be personalized with a name or initials. 

Circa the 1890’s, this piece is in near perfect condition. It is marked on the back inside rim with “sterling”, the style number 2364, and Kerr’s makers mark. William B. Kerr, The William B. Kerr Co. was established in Newark, New Jersey in 1855. They were manufacturers of fine quality jewelry, flatware and hollowware.

The match safe has a nice curve to it, so it is comfortable to carry in your pocket or hold in your hand. It still contains the original piece of flint for striking matches, and opens and closes with a nice snap. 

Size: 1.3/4” x 2.1/4” x 1/2” Weight: 33.3 grams. 

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