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Triple Strand Twisted Salmon Coral Necklace


This is a beautiful vintage, deep dark reddish pink natural coral necklace made of many irregular round beads. The beads are all unique in size, varying from 3-5 mm in size. The triple string necklace has recently been re-strung but the beads are all original, and quite old, possibly dating to the Victorian era. The string on this necklace has double knots known as safety knots, so if the necklace should ever break the coral beads will not be lost and scatter. The necklace measures approximately 31 inches in length, which is quite a generous length to create versatility. It can be worn twice around as a chocker, or hanging low. It can be twisted to create a spiral look. The necklace weighs approximately 58 grams total. The clasp is a simple and seductive 14 karat yellow gold open orb that easily clips on and off. The clasp is marked 585 for its gold content the clasp being Italian. The colors on this necklace are simply stunning, with saturated deep pinks against bright yellow gold. This necklace is a pleasure to wear.

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