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Vintage Signature 14K Gold and Kunzite Cuff Bracelet


We paired this 14k gold vintage cuff bracelet with an 18.75 carat pale pink kunzite stone, transforming it into a one-of-a-kind piece. The cuff is elegant and streamlined with striation along the surface. The lines of the cuff can be seen through the translucent kunzite, whose emerald cut facets add its own set of lines that enhance the striation of the cuff and create intriguing light play within the stone. The basket, made specifically for this piece, has eight talon prongs that hold the kunzite in place and nicely fit the soft edges of the stone. 

Kunzite is a variety of spodumene that ranges in color from light pink to violet. It was first identified as spodumene by a gemologist for Tiffany & Co., George Frederick Kunz, when he was sent a specimen that was found in San Diego, CA. The stone was named Kunzite in his honor. Spodumene is a mineral known for its pleochroism—an optical phenomenon that reveals different colors when an object is viewed from different angles. 

The band measures 9/16” at its widest point, and tapers to 3/8” at its narrowest point. The kunzite sits 3/8” above the cuff. The kunzite is 18.75 of a carat. The bracelet weighs 24.5 grams. It comfortably fits a wrist size 6 1/4” to 7” and could be adjusted to fit larger or smaller wrists. 

The bracelet is unmarked but acid tests as 14k. The cuff is circa the 1960’s; the kunzite and basket are contemporary additions. 

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