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Vintage Mokume Gane Sterling Silver Diamond & Palladium Ring


This is a gorgeous Mokume gane sterling silver and palladium ring with five flush-set single cut diamonds. Mokume gane is a very unique Japanese metalworking process where mixed metals like palladium and sterling silver are layered on and manipulated to make a wood grain texture. "Mokume gane" translates to "wood grain metal" The layers of palladium and silver form a sandwich of alloys called a "billet." There are many unique patterns that emerge from layering metals and then placing the through this acid-wash process, giving the ring its beautiful texture.

The inside of the ring is marked M925PD: Metal (silver is 925) and PD for Palladium. The diamonds are approximately 1mm (very small but very vibrant!). The diamonds have a good color VS2 and are a total of .25 carats.

The ring is a size 7. This ring makes a great unisex piece of jewelry. The simple band makes this a nice piece to wear everyday. Circa 1990.

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