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Vintage Modern Jean Mahie 22K Gold Earring


These 22k gold earrings are designed by Jean Mahie, the pseudonym for French artists Jacline and Jean Marie Mazard. The unique earrings are shaped like nodules with triangular points that extend above the domed surface of the gold. Reminiscent of tide pool creatures, the earrings are spiked but organic in form, as if pulled from molten gold. Handmade with  incredible attention to detail, this evocative design makes for a pair of stunning earrings with the warm glow of high karat gold.

Jacline and Jean Marie Mazard were a father and daughter-in-law team, established in Paris in 1970. They worked primarily in 22k gold, using primitive design elements and drawing from Roman, Greek, and Phoenician influences. Each piece is one-of-kind and Jacline and Jean Marie often collaborated on the same pieces, seamlessly blending their individual design sensibilities. Their work was represented by Cartier and Van Clef & Arpels.

The earrings measure 7/8” across with a depth of approximately 1/2”. Combined, the earrings weigh 16.5 grams. They are marked as 22k gold and have the signature JM for Jean Mahie. These earrings were acquired from the estate of avid jewelry collector Tommie Louise McClung.

For pierced ears, with an omega clip to make them secure and comfortable. The hand-wiring of the clip is a nice added detail to the intricate design of the earrings.

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