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Vintage Marina B 18K Gold Chalcedony Orb Ring


This 18k gold ring by Marina B features a pierced chalcedony bead that spins on the top in a playful and bold fashion. The ring is hallmarked Marina B, 750, with the stye # 180033. We’ve been unable to find many rings similar to this one. The ring seems to be from the Cardan series—which used pierced balls and playful beads within a setting and was launched in 1989.  The chalcedony sits up high, giving the ring a high profile and a supernatural look, as if the ring had magical powers and anthropomorphic qualities or even the ability to tell the future with its reference to a crystal ball. The unique 18k gold band comes to a soft knife edge and frames the chalcedony by splitting into two reflective heart-like points. 

Marina B was founded in 1978 by Marina Bulgari, granddaughter of the founder of BVLGARI. Her designs are colorful, bold, modern, and innovative, incorporating her own unique gemstone cuts such as the “Chestnut”, a cross between a triangle and a pear shape.  Marina B opened showrooms in Geneva, Milan, Paris, and New York, and her jewelry quickly became coveted by Hollywood stars. 

The ring is marked as 18k gold. It weighs 7.8 grams. The chalcedony bead is approximately 10 mm across. Circa 1990’s. 

Ring size 6.5 

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