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Judy Chicago Sappho Flower Ceramic Vessel from 1979


This is a beautiful and authentic round ceramic jewelry box made in 1979 by the pioneering artist called Judy Chicago. The box has been hand-signed by her on the base. The box measures approximately 3-1/4 in diameter by 1 inch tall. The vessel is made with a dark bodied clay, and reveals this natural color around, except for the interior, which is glazed in a soft beige green color, and the decorative circle that is on the top center lid. On the lid, which has been exquisitely glazed, with Judy Chicago's famous flower motif called Sappho; in a center composition the seductive flower opens up in many layers of colors- green purple and violet.

Sappho was a celebrated lyric poet that became inspirational to Judy Chicago. Sappho lived in the Greek island of Lesbos, and wrote erotic poems expressing her love for women. She was also known as the “flower of the Graces” making this box a portrait of this unforgettable poet. This box is a real rare gem!

Judy Chicago was known for her Dinner Party series, a defining feminist work of art that was completed in 1974. It featured 39 hand-painted ceramic pieces, each dedicated to one famous woman in history. This work was ground-breaking at the time. There is now a renewed interest in Chicago; in 2018, many years later after her first installation she made functional plates again, based on these older subjects. This one of a kind piece offered here was made in conjunction with that original body of work, in 1979.

This piece was acquired on the occasion of Judy Chicago's exhibition of the Dinner Party in the Los Angeles Contemporary Museum. This vintage collectible piece makes a perfect gift for an art lover, or someone who understands the subtleties and beautiful work of this important feminist artist.

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