Kirsten's Corner

Vintage Cultured Pearl Necklace with 14K Gold Clasp


A beautifully well-matched strand of 6.5 mm cultured pearls, silk-knotted on white thread that blends perfectly into the pearls. The round pearls have nice nacre, and overall luminous luster of white with creamy pink overtones. At 26 1/4”, this necklace is a great length and brings class and sophistication to any outfit. 

The 14k gold clasp is elongated and fluted, adding subtle detail and a nice touch. 

Not just your grandmother’s pearls—pearl jewelry has always been a staple in fashion, but has recently been gaining status as a trend since being reintroduced by cutting edge fashion designers. This necklace could be worn to bring timeless sophistication to any outfit, or could be paired in innovative new ways, taking cues from designers like Harris Reed. 

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