Kirsten's Corner

Vintage Cuff Black Agate Bracelet


Agate stone can make a beautiful, healing bracelet. This deep black agate is said to clear the aura of negative energies, healing tension and stress, creating a pleasant environment and sense of security. The bracelet is made up of 8 segments that are curved slender slices of agate. The black agate has thin lines of milky white; the bands create a nice soothing touch to the already sinuous forms and curves of the stones. They feel great to the touch, and can be easily worn around the wrist. They are connected with elastic thread making it easy to take on and off. The segments are 1-1/2 by 1 inch each, so when worn, these resemble a nice thick cuff-like bracelet. Durable, positive energy stones are perfect for everyday wear. The slick black color of the stones makes it compliment anything from a casual dress to an evening gown quite beautifully. Great addition to any vintage collection!

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