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Vintage Carved Opal Figa Pendant with 14K Gold Cap


Carved from opal, this beautiful Figa pendant shimmers in the sunlight. The clenched fist with a thumb extended between two fingers is a symbol for femininity in many cultures. Most notoriously, the Figa is worn as a good luck talisman in Brazil. It is said to store up luck and offer protection from the Evil Eye. The tradition dates back to the Etruscan Era, where Figa was symbolic of female genitalia. 

This is the first Figa pendant we’ve seen carved entirely from opal. It has a translucent quality, and when held up to the light, has a warm golden glow. Opals are often elusive—this one has a creamier, milder color-play that best reveals itself in sunlight. 

The pendant is 1 3/4” x 3/8”, not including the teardrop bail that measures 5.5 x 10 mm. The bail is marked as 14k. Circa 1940’s. 

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