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Vintage 22K Gold Nugget Earrings


These 22k gold nugget earrings feature a beautiful display of gold in its natural, unaltered state. The free form dimensions of the nuggets are organic and poetic, highlighting the buttery gold and extraordinary crevices. While every gold nugget is individually shaped by nature, these two make an ideal pair. One is oblong, the other more blockish, and they have enough similarities in common to look fantastic worn together.

Gold nuggets are formed by hot fluids flowing through cracks deep in the Earth’s crust. Weather eventually releases the nuggets into streams and bodies of water, where they are shaped by erosion and time.

The nuggets in this pair of earrings acid test between 22-24k gold. The two earrings are similar weight, together equaling 6.7 grams. The block-shaped nugget is approximately 10mm x 9.5mm; the oblong nugget is approximately 12mm x 8mm. The earring post backs are 14k gold.

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