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Vintage 22K Gold Etruscan Revival Ram’s Head Ring

This 22k gold ram’s head ring has the glow and allure of high karat gold. The ram’s head features Etruscan Revival scrolling, spiraling horns, and an expressive face. The ring shank is made of twisted 22k gold wire that narrows to a point. Because high karat gold is a bit soft, this ring has some malleability to it and can be adjusted to fit anywhere from a size 5 to size 9 finger. The space between the ram’s head and the band can also be opened and closed a tiny amount. Circa the 1980’s, this beautiful ring is comfortable and feels great to wear. 

The ring weighs 7.35 grams. The twisted wire band measures 2.8 mm wide. The width of the ring where the head and the band overlap measures 7/16”. The ring is marked as 22k gold. 

We will adjust this ring to fit your ideal size! (Between size 5-9.) 

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