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Vintage 18K Gold Woven Oval Link Bracelet


Indicative of a classic French woven bracelet, this stunning piece is extremely well-crafted. Its hand-woven oval links are meticulously detailed, each painstakingly looped to create an intricate, delicate effect that shimmers like matte gold. The gold wire is woven into a hollow tube, then fashioned into each oval link and joined individually. The bracelet is fluid and elegant—a sophisticated piece and the most finely woven vintage bracelets we’ve ever had in our collection. 

Circa the 1970’s, this woven technique was popularized by several French master jewelers—in particular, Van Clef & Arpels and Georges Lenfant. The bracelet contains a maker’s mark that we are unable to make out, but the mark has a residual shape, that we feel is either French or Italian by comparison to other pieces from this era.

The bracelet acid tests as 18k gold. It has a hidden clasp that blends into the links, with a push button and safety clasp. On the link closest to the clasp, there’s a small dent that is hidden underneath another link. 

The bracelet weighs 30.2 grams. It is 8 1/4” long and 1/2” thick. The fine gold wires are approximately .4 mm wide. 

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