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Vintage 18K Gold Tiffany & Co. Square Bar Link Necklace


A gorgeous 18k gold Tiffany & Co. necklace, complete with the original velvet presentation box. This timeless piece is stunning in both craftsmanship and design. Each individual link catches the light and reflects it back with a multitude of facets, creating a fluid, almost liquid effect, with impressive movement that oscillates as it shimmers. The square links have rounded edges and are not perfect squares; they are subtly wider along the bottom edge to let the shapes flow into each other and allow the truncated links to lay gracefully against the neck. The backs of the links are carved with intricate quatrefoils that add another layer of attention to detail. The necklace’s repetitive, classic square motif harkens back to the rhythm and geometry of pre-Columbian jewelry. It’s incredible how such a simple and timeless design can have such a mesmerizing effect. 

The necklace is 16” long and 1/4” wide. It weighs 69.8 grams. It has a very secure clasp with a button that locks the necklace in place. It’s marked on the clasp with “T & Co.” “750 Italy” and “Copyright 2002”.

This is a special piece and this vintage Tiffany & Co. design is hard to find! 

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