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Vintage 18K Gold Tiffany & Co. Brutalist Paperclip Chain Necklace


The angular variation of these squared 18k gold paperclip links makes it one of Tiffany & Co.'s most interesting chains. Blocky, geometric, and textured, the Brutalist style of this chain makes it cool and modern—and a stunning addition to any outfit.

The chain is comprised of three different link variations. The smaller, vaguely triangular links are identical, and are the connection point between alternating big and medium links. Each link is squared off. The texture, which is abstract but suggests leafy branches, catches both the eye and the light, bringing even more warmth to the buttery gold. Circa the 1970’s or 1980’s, this chain is extremely hip and undeniably timeless. 

The chain weighs 52.3 grams. It is 30.5” long. It can be worn as a long chain or twice around the neck as a stunning choker. The links are approximately 1/4” wide and vary in length between 1/2”, 3/4” and 5/8”. The last link has a plaque that is marked with “Tiffany & Co. 18K".

The chain comes with its original black and purple Tiffany & Co. pouch. Clearly this is the original pouch! Its interior has many tiny indentations from the angular corners of the chain links. It is interesting to watch an item, such as this pouch, evolve over time, and the history of this vintage fabric can be seen in these subtle markings. A place where this magnificent chain rests when not being worn.


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