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Vintage 18K Gold Italian Stoplight Charm with Glass Cabochons


When we first found this 18k gold stoplight charm, we thought it was very cute—but it didn’t take long to notice a detail that made us love it even more. The green light comes at the top—opposite of real life stoplights which have red at the top. To us, the message is clear: GO! GO! GO! 

The charm is adorable with a great geometric structure and well-made glass cabochons on each of its four sides. Circa the 1970’s, the charm is marked as Italian, 750, and “VI” for Venice. There’s also an unidentified maker’s mark. The charm weighs 5.25 grams. It is 1” x 1/2” with an additional 7.5 mm round bail. 

Wear this charm for luck and green lights ahead! 

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