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Vintage 18K Gold Hermes of Olympia Pendant


Kirsten’s Corner has a soft spot for the classics in our inventory and we are often drawn towards classical renditions of ancient sights. This piece is a very handsome 18k gold bust modeled after Hermes of Olympia, a sculpture found in the Archaeological Museum of Olympia and attributed to the sculptor Praxiteles. This miniature gold version captures beautiful detail and a classic Greek profile. Add an air of the classics to your outfit and show your intellectual side with this gorgeous pendant. 

The Hermes of Olympia sculpture is circa 340 BCE. Hermes is the Greek god of luck, sleep, and travel and is known as the “divine trickster”. He is able to easily move between the world of mortals and the afterlife and plays the role of the messenger. In Praxiteles’s sculpture, he is depicted holding the Infant Dionysus—the god of wine—as he reaches up for a branch of grapes. 

The pendant measures 1 1/4” x 3/4” with an additional 7.6 x 6.45 mm bail. It weighs approximately 5 grams. It is marked as 18k gold. 

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