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Vintage 18K Gold Heavy Puffy Curb Link Bracelet


If you’ve been waiting for the ultimate curb link bracelet, this is the piece for you! This vintage curb link is made of 18k pink gold—a gorgeous shade of gold that is unusual to find in jewelry. The interior of the link is smooth to lie flat against the wrist, while the top of the link has rounder, puffier edges.  The design makes for a flowy, graceful fit. 

Most striking about this piece is its weight. At 98.3 grams, this is a heavy piece, and feels incredibly luxurious to wear. It truly feels like being wrapped in gold! 

The bracelet closes with a hidden clasp and safety latch. The mark for 18k gold can be found on the clasp. An investment piece, with substantial weight and width, the bracelet weighs 98. 3 grams. It measures as 7 3/8” long; just shy of 1/2” wide; and 3/8” thick. 

Circa 1960.

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