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Vintage 18K Gold Feather Pendant with Pave Diamonds


This vintage 18k gold feather pendant is covered in 116 micro-pave diamonds that shimmer in the light. The feather is cut with charming detail, each wisp is separate from the body of the pendant, reticulated to give the feather a light and airy appearance. Parts of the feather overlap, creating a sense of depth. The single cut diamonds are bead set into rhodium plated gold, which enhances the whiteness of the sparkle, while the 18k gold makes a beautiful yellow border around each detail of the feather. 

Feathers are often considered a connection to the spirit world and a symbol of the divine. Finding a feather is associated with good luck or receiving a message or blessing from another world. They can be worn to represent lightness of the soul, peace, grace, and freedom. 

 The pendant weighs 5.26 grams. It measures 1 1/4” x 1/2” at its widest point, with a bail opening of 4.35 x 6.5 mm. The 116 single cut diamonds have a beautiful sparkle and equal .60 of a carat. Each diamond measures 1 mm, and their micro-pave setting was the result of significant work and craftsmanship. 

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