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Vintage 18K Gold Chunky Open-Link Bracelet


A fantastic chunky, hollow 18k gold chain bracelet with a toggle clasp. The chain has angular and open geometric links, and the clasp has classical elements that are column-like. There are squared cabochon amethyst stones on either end of the toggle clasp that look great against the gold tones of the bracelet.  

This bracelet weighs 18 grams and measures 8" from end to end, and while it's hollow, there are no dents and it is solidly constructed and not likely too. The toggle clasp became popular in the 1980s, and holds up as a desirable vintage design element. 

This bracelet was made by OTC International, a global jewelry company that's been in business since 1977. The links measure 11 mm x 8 mm and the amethysts are 3.35 mm on each side of the squared off bullet cabochon stones. 

A fantastic piece of jewelry, that makes a great addition to anyone's wrist stack.

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