Kirsten's Corner

Vintage 18K and 22K Gold Nugget Dangle Earrings

We love gold nuggets and search them out. We are always happy to find interesting variations on this theme and found these dangling gold nugget earrings to be especially charming. Three well-matched flat gold nuggets are suspended from three chains at different lengths that allow them to nestle next to each other in a way where each nugget is visible. The chain is a wonderfully delicate baby Figaro chain; we think the delicacy of the chain is super cute. All the chains loop into a Shepards hook earring that ties the earring together. The earrings have great movement and the gold nuggets shimmer and catch the light as they dangle from the ears. 

Combined, the earrings weigh 1.65 grams. They dangle approximately 1.5” from the ear. The nuggets vary in size but are each approximately 1/4” across. The earrings are very well made, and it took impeccable skill and attention to detail to construct such a delicate pair. They make a great affordable alternative to gold nugget jewelry with heavier gold weight. 

The earrings are marked on the hooks as 18k gold. The hooks, chains, and bails are all 18k gold, and the gold nuggets test as 22k. 

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