Kirsten's Corner Jewelry

Contemporary 14K White Gold, Rhodolite Garnet and Tanzanite Earrings


This is a beautiful pair of 14kt white gold, rhodolite garnet and tanzanite earrings designed by Kirsten's Corner.. The earrings are set in 14K white gold and are quite the statement piece. The earrings are approximately 1 5/8" long. The rhodolite garnets are a deep, rich red. The tanzanite stones are a deep blue velvet that in a certain light appear almost purple. All the stones in this pair of earrings have good visible clarity, even when looped they show no sign of inclusions. Each of the eight stones are approximately 8mm x 5mm in size. The rhodolite garnets weigh approximately 1 carat each, while the tanzanite weigh approximately 1.5 carats each, for a total or 4 carats of garnet and 6 carats of tanzanite . I have tested the earrings as 14kt white gold. Together this pair of earrings weigh 6.30 grams.

This pair of earrings would make an unforgettable gift or fabulous addition to your jewelry collection!

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