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Vintage 14K Gold, Jadeite, Akoya Pearl Brooch by Ming’s of Hawaii


Ming’s of Honolulu opened in 1940 by Wook Moon. Soon enough, Ming’s had stores not only in Hawaii but in San Francisco and New York as well. Ming’s jewelry quickly rose to popularity and became an emblem of Hawaiian jewelry. This family owned business closed its last store in 1999, as a result their jewelry is now highly sought after and collectible!

This is a fabulous vintage 14kt gold, jade and Akoya pearl brooch made by Ming’s of Honolulu, Hawaii. This piece was made in the late 1960’s. This brooch is well marked. On the reverse it bears the “14kt” gold stamp as well as the Ming’s of Honolulu maker’s mark. This brooch is approximately 2 1/4 inches long and 1 1/2 inches at it’s widest point. The piece weighs approximately 15.25 grams.

There are two large jadeite cabochons nestled beneath 14kt gold branches bearing 12 Akoya pearls. The gold branches have two lovely gold leaves that are etched to add texture to the design. The pearls slightly range in size, however the approximate average size is 4.80mm for each Akoya pearl. Both jadeite cabochons are approximately 18.00mm in length and 14.10mm in width. Jadeite is a rare and valuable type of jade that comes from Burma. The two jadeite cabochons have an approximate combined weight of 36 carats!

This piece would make an unforgettable gift or fabulous addition to your vintage jewelry collection

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