Kirsten's Corner

Vintage 14K White Gold Trilliant Diamond Stud Earrings


Set in 14k white gold, these beautiful trilliant diamond earrings add a geometric pop of sparkle. They are delicately set so that the diamond is the primary focus, mounted with tiny prong settings in each corner. A refreshing alternative to the classic round studs.

The diamonds are trilliant cut, with angular corners and triangle-shaped culets. They are near colorless, H-I in color and SLI in clarity. Each stone is .45 of a carat, for a total weight of .9 of a carat.

The earrings are approximately 1/4” across. Combined, the earrings weigh 1 gram. The earrings are unmarked but acid test as 14k gold; the earring backs are marked as 14k. Circa 1980.

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