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Vintage 14K Gold Wishbone Pendant / Charm


The wishbone is a v-shaped bone between the neck and the head of poultry.  An unbroken wishbone symbolizes the promise of luck.  In the early part of the 20th century the wishbone was used to illustrate New Year cards and Good Luck postcards. It is thought that the Etruscans started the tradition of the wishbone. They believed chickens to be seers of the future. Wishbones were hung out to dry and by stroking the wishbone one could make a wish.  Eventually in later cultures this led to breaking the bone and whoever had the bigger piece was said to have their wish granted. So a whole wishbone holds the potential of good luck or fortune.

This vintage wishbone pendant or charm is crafted in 14K gold. The top part of the wishbone has an opening that serves as the bail. The wishbone is nicely curved and delineated.  The piece is 1 1/4" x 5/8" and the bail opening is 3.75mm x 2mm so it will fit most smaller chains. It is in excellent condition and weighs 1.83 grams.

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