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Vintage 14K Gold Twisted Oval Italian Hoops

These 14k gold vintage hoops are a great pair of everyday earrings. The larger size of the hoops gives these earrings a great visual presence, while their hollow-construction allows them to remain lightweight. These make for a sophisticated staple piece in any collection--we’ve paired them with earring enhancers to show how these earrings can be used to create a variety of looks. 

The ovals measure 1 3/8” x 1 1/16”, with a width of 4.62 mm. Combined, the earrings weigh 3.5 grams. They are marked on the earring stem with 14K, Italy, and a hallmark of a B within a circle. 

The earrings are in very good condition. Because of their hollow nature, one of the earrings has two very small indentations. The indentations are hardly noticeable and do not detract from the earrings, but we wanted to mention this. We’ve shown the imperfections in the photographs. 

The hoops are pictured here with the Vintage 14K Gold Pearl Charms or Earring Enhancers, also available in our shop (sold separately).

For pierced ears. 

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