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Vintage 14K Gold Tubogas Necklace or Bracelet


Circa the 1970’s, this 14k gold necklace is a revival of a World War II era  jewelry making technique called tubogas. A hollow, flexible tube consisting of interlocking gold links makes for a fun and interesting necklace with a springlike quality similar to a slinky. The necklace fits like a choker, or can be doubled up and worn as a bracelet, with a double-tongue hidden box clasp that disappears when shut. The effect is a sleek, continuous line of beautiful gold. 

Tubogas was popular during the 1930’s, as it allowed for gorgeous jewelry to be made with limited resources, using hollow tubes of gold to create stylish pieces. The technique was revived in the 1970’s by designers like Bulgari and Weingrill. Tubogas jewelry was as cool and popular in the 1970’s as it was in the 1930’s—today it is having another comeback and this piece from the 1970’s makes a unique addition to any jewelry collection. 

The necklace is marked as 14k. It measures 14”, but stretches to accommodate a neck up to 15 1/2”. The links are approximately 3/16” thick and 1/4" wide. The piece weighs 42 grams.

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