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Vintage 14K Gold Life Saver Charm


We love this vintage life saver charm—it’s a fun and playful take on a pop culture icon. Nearly true to size, it’s almost as if the delicious piece of candy was simply dipped in gold. The sides and letters of this 14k gold charm have a high polish, while the background behind the letters have a satin polish that make the charm even more lifelike. Though the piece is very similar to an actual Life Saver—the letters are more defined than on the real life candy, giving the charm a cartoonish naiveté that makes it extra sweet. 

The charm measures approximately 3/4” across and 4.3mm thick. It weighs 5.35 grams. The bail is built into the back of the piece, with an opening of approximately 5x3mm. 

A candy based on a floatation device, this would make a great gift for someone who has added sweetness to your life or helped you out of a bind. It could also be worn as a talisman to help you keep your head above water during challenging times. 

Circa 1970.

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