Kirsten's Corner

Vintage 14K Gold Florentine Finish Double Hoop Earrings


Straight out of the 70’s, these fashion forward, bold earrings are an interesting twist on the classic hoop. At the top of the earring is a small hoop, with a larger hoop suspended from it by a link. Because the bottom hoop isn’t fixed and floats freely within the link, it allows for a lot of kinetic movement—these are great earrings to wear out dancing. The 14k gold has a Florentine finish for a matte, dull look that catches the light in a way that is almost as mesmerizing as the concentric circles themselves.  These earrings perfectly capture the bold, weird, fun energy of the 1970’s, and we absolutely love them! 

The sturdy but hollow loops are not too heavy, so they don’t pull on the ear. The omega backs and large surface area of the smaller circle press evenly against your earlobe, making them comfortable and secure to wear. Though the earrings could be converted to post backs for pierced ears if desired, we recommend keeping the omega backs, which allow them to sit higher on the lobe for the ideal placement of the smaller circle against the ear. 

Together, the two earrings weigh 26 grams. They are 2.5” from top to bottom. The bigger circle has a diameter of 1.75” and the smaller circle has a diameter of 3/4” with the hoop thickness being 4mm.

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