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Vintage 14K Gold Empire State Building Charm Necklace with Diamonds


For the person who loves New York City, this vintage 1970s diamond-studded charm necklace of the Empire State building, sparkles like the brilliant building itself. It has been crafted with 14K gold and adorned with 78 melee diamonds, which coalesce as a twinkling keepsake.

This three-dimensional piece, is 1 1/4 of an inch in height by 1/4 an inch in width, and 1/4th of an inch in depth at it’s longest points. It weights 5. 65 grams, and comes with a 15” chain ( including in the overall weight) There are 22 single cut diamonds measuring 1.75mm on the front and back of the piece, and 54, 1mm, diamonds on the sides of the piece, with an approximate .70 diamond carat weight. All diamonds bright and lively.

It has been acid tested to be 14K gold with a faded mark on the bottom of the piece.

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