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Vintage 14K Gold Diamond Snake Bypass Ring


This incredible 14k gold ring flashes with sparkle as a diamond encrusted snake wraps itself into an exquisite bypass ring. The ring contains 42 small round diamonds and 19 tapered baguette diamonds in alternating bands across the snake’s body. The baguette diamonds add crisp lines of vibrant sparkle, while the diamond pave shimmers in the light. The segmented design is reminiscent of a Bvlgari viper ring, but this variation alternates between baguette and round diamonds, for a uniquely gorgeous encrusted look. 

Snake jewelry became popular in the Victorian era when Prince Albert gave Queen Victoria a ruby and emerald encrusted snake engagement ring, and has not fallen out of fashion since.  The image of a snake is rich with symbolism—representing temptation, rebirth, knowledge, and eternal love.

The ring contains .39 of a carat of diamonds. It is marked with the carat weight, as well as 14k, on the side of the snake’s head. The ring weighs 2.77 grams. It is 3/8” at the widest point of the bypass. 

Ring size 6.5, but can fit up to a size 7.25 because there is a slight give to the metal where the snake’s body bypasses. 

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