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Vintage 14K Gold Diamond & Opal Necklace


This is a remarkable vintage piece made in the style of antique Victorian jewelry, featuring a mystical opal gemstone. The necklace with pendant is composed of two parts; a top lace-like diamond studded organic motif connecting to a lower dangling pear drop shaped opal on a three prong setting surrounded by a diamonds halo.

The pendant and necklace are both made of 14 karat yellow gold. The front of the pendant has a blackened gold treatment to give this piece a much older look. The necklace is from the 1970s, making it a fine vintage piece, but resembles something from the turn of the century, especially for its care in construction and its feminine qualities. The pendant has over 73 single cut tiny detail diamonds that are bead set; they range from 1.5mm -2mm. There are also 6 full cut diamonds that make a more distinct pattern, measuring from 2.5 mm to 3.25 in size; total combined diamond carat weight 1.25 carats . The diamonds are cognac colored and are very lively and range from VS11 -SL11 in clarity.  The diamonds contrast nicely with the blackened gold.

The movement created from the opal that dangles from the pendant adds to the luminosity of the piece. The multi colored striped pear shaped opal is 14mm x 8.75 mm at the widest point and approximately 4 carats . It is the stone of hope and prophecy. Queen Victoria made it a popular gemstone for royalty. This opal has noticeably vibrant diagonal lines of blue and pink that appear like lightning, giving off a high frequency vibration. . 

The pendant measures 1-3/4 x 1 inch in size, and the necklace hangs 7-3/4 inches at either side for a total of 16.5 inches. The piece remains unmarked but has been acid tested to 14K. The gold color is yellow and bold. The piece is in great condition, and would make a wonderful piece to add romance to any vintage dress.

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