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Vintage 14K Gold Banded Agate Carved Intaglio Signet Ring


This vintage 14k gold banded agate intaglio signet ring features the image of a pheasant sitting on top of a knight’s helmet, with feathers cascading down to surround the shield below. The image is crisp and the subject matter has a pleasing composition. The intaglio is banded agate. It has a dark grey surface that carves down to a reddish brown. The carving contains layers of impeccable detail, like double crosses on the shield and plumes of feathers on the bird’s head. The intaglio is bordered by a 14k gold setting, which steps down into three levels, giving the ring additional width that is masculine and balanced. The ring is circa the 1980’s, and is a well-made version of a family crest ring. A stained impression of the intaglio is included with the ring. 

The ring is marked “585” for 14k, indicating that it was made in Europe. The agate intaglio measures 7/16” x 1/2” and the face of the ring (including the 14k gold border) measures 3/4” x 11/16”. The ring shank measures 5/16” at its widest point and 3/16” at its narrowest. The ring weighs 11.2 grams. 

Ring size 8.5, and could easily be resized. 

A great unisex ring. 

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