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Vintage 14K Gold Aquamarine and Diamond Cocktail Ring


The stunning ice blue aquamarine stone in this ring is a large mixed oval cut, deep with many facets that can be admired while looking into the ring. The depth of the stone creates a beautiful cocktail ring with elegant height. The 14k gold setting has ten elongated prongs that wrap around the stone to securely hold it in place. On the base, diamond accents add sparkle to the ring. A simple, classic, elegant cocktail ring from the 1960’s. 

The aquamarine stone is 18.5 carats. Because there are so many facets, it catches many different shades of aquamarine—a gorgeous stone known for its icy blue hues. The stone measures 13 x 17.6 x 14.6. There are six round brilliant diamonds, each 2.25 mm for a total carat weight of .25. The diamonds are near colorless, bright and lively. 

The ring weighs 11 grams. 

Ring size 7, with the ability to be resized. Circa 1960.

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