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Retro 14K Gold & 23CT Ametrine Ring


This breathtaking ametrine gemstone and 14k yellow gold ring is a stunning piece of jewelry. The emerald cut ametrine gemstone is a naturally occurring stone that is a combination of a golden colored citrine with a purple amethyst.Both citrine and amethysts are quartz stones, so the ametrine is a rare formation of both gems in one stone. It embodies the vibration of the quartz crystals.

The ametrine unites masculine and feminine energy; the citrine energy helps with focus, while the amethyst relates to the higher energies of the crown chakra, crucial for creative inspiration. The golden yellows of the citrine; making up about 1/4th of the ametrine fade beautifully into the rich purple colors of the amethyst, . When the light hits the transparent gemstone, the colors shine extra vibrantly.

The ametrine measures 15mm by 20mm and is 10.5mm deep. It is table cut and mounted on a carriage that is 5.6mm wide, with a decorative flower motif along the bottom portion of the carriage. The ametrine is held by six delicate prongs, each with three small claw like bands. The ring weighs almost 11 grams in total. The gemstone is a total of 23 carats. The ring is a size 7, but can be easily resized. The band is made of yellow gold, and remains unmarked but tests to 14 karats. This retro ring mount is from the 1940's.


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