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Vintage 14K Boulder Opal Pendant with Chain


This organic form boulder opal has a pleasing, rounded triangular shape. It is bezel set with a custom bezel that gracefully hugs the form of the opal. Boulder opals are special because of their bright and vibrant colors that swirl like a galaxy against a dark sky. The opal in this pendant has veins of color that surface from behind, revealing the matrix of the host stone. Flashes of red, orange, blue, purple, and opalescent white shimmer as the stone moves—hidden at first glance, but then mysteriously coming to life with a glow as light catches the stone at different angles. 

Boulder opal is found in cracks and crevices, and forms when silica precipitates out of sand that has trickled down into the cracks. Typically, it is seen as a matrix or layered ironstone and opal. It is primarily found in Queensland, Australia, but also found in New South Wales, Canada, and Brazil. Crack lines caused by the shifts in the earth or earthquakes can sometimes be spotted within the opals, adding to the geological magic of these beautiful stones. They are stable and solid gemstones, and make for unique and incredible jewelry. 

The pendant is circa the 1970’s or 1980’s. We’ve paired it with a 14k gold box chain from the same era to complete this stunning vintage look. The chain is 18” and weighs 3.1 grams. The pendant measures 1/2” x 7/8” (including the bail) and weighs 2.1 grams. The opal is approximately 3 carats. 

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