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Victorian Sterling Silver & 14K Gold Diamond Leaf Earrings

These Victorian era diamond leaf earrings are sterling silver front and gold backs. They are exquisitely made with remarkable details and craftsmanship. Each earring contains 32 small rose cut diamonds that make up a grape leaf. The diamonds have an unusual square shape, and are beautifully set along the curling leaf. The branch is made of gold, tested to 14 karats. These earrings are clip back omega backs, making this design even more versatile. You can clip the earring where desired on the ear lobe, having the leaf hanging from the ear or along the lobe. The clip ons are very secure and these high quality Victorian earrings, made circa 1890. They weigh approximately 5.8 grams. The diamonds are approximately 1.5mm in size and the leaves with a branch each measure 1-1/4 inches in size. 
These earrings are a fine example of the naturalistic style of jewelry during this era, which took inspiration in the natural world.

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