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Victorian Silver Front and 14K Gold Diamond Crescent Moon Necklace


This delicate pendant boasts a thin sliver of a crescent moon encrusted with Old Mine Cut diamonds. The moon itself was once a Victorian pin, but we’ve converted it into this beautiful necklace by seamlessly attaching this 14k gold fine chain. The crescent moon contains 21 natural antique diamonds—most are Old Mine Cut, with the exception of smaller Rose Cut diamonds on each end. The unique setting that holds the stone is a cross between colette and bead set; this creates a lovely scalloped effect along the bottom edge of the moon. The setting has an open back that lets light shine through the diamonds and allows their beauty to be visible on both sides of the pendant. The diamonds pop against the crescent’s romantic patina in a dark-light chiaroscuro that heightens the beauty of the stones. The moon’s horizontal placement reminds us of the Cheshire Cat’s smile. 

The 21 natural antique diamonds weigh approximately one carat. They are bright and lively with excellent sparkle and range in size from 1 - 2.5 mm. The crescent moon is silver front and gold back. The chain, a contemporary addition, is marked as 14k gold. The necklace is 17 1/2” in length and weighs 3.23 grams. 

The crescent moon is circa 1870 or 1880. 

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