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Victorian Pearl Encrusted Winged Heart with Crown Necklace in 14K Gold


In the Victorian era, the crowned heart is a symbol of triumphant love. During this time, The sending of love messages through symbolic gifts was a favorite pass-time. Hearts were often times used as symbols of blooming love or friendship; pearls were substitutes for tears, or immense sentiment.

This signature crowned heart necklace has a pearl encrusted heart and wings. In the center of the heart is one tiny red garnet. This adds a nice contrast to the pearls. At the top of the gold crown are five 1.25mm round pearls. The average size for all pearls is about.1.25mm.  The pendant is an original Victorian piece while the chain has been added later. The pendant wingspan is 1-3/4 inches wide by 3/4 inch tall. Both the chain and heart pendant are made of 14k gold; the pendant is marked 14KA. The chain has marks for 14K at the clasp. The total length of the chain with heart is 17.5 inches with an added jump ring at 16 3/8 allowing one to wear the necklace at 2 lengths.  The hand-made aspects, the soldering of the gold, and piecing together of this heart with crown and wings is visible when the pendant is turned over and displays the beautiful craft of this piece.

This necklace is a beautiful sentimental piece of jewelry, a fine example of the language of Victorian symbolism. The necklace dates to the 1880s and weighs 5.4 grams.

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